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Sofa bed selection guide

Find the ideal sofa bed


A small studio or a large living room? A guest room or your second home? Sofabed has a clever solution for every room. But which sofa bed is the right one for you depends on your taste, your needs and of course your available space. Below we help you find 'the perfect fit'.

Compact one seater or a big corner sofa?

A two-seater with or without a longchair, a large corner arrangement or a compact one-seater. Sofabed has an extensive range from which you can choose. The Dean model is even completely modular. You determine your composition yourself with the available elements.

Alone or with two in bed?

Do you like to curl up alone or share your sofa bed? Do you need a lot of space in bed or do you like to cuddle? With Sofabed you can choose between mattresses of 80 cm, 140 cm or 160 cm wide.

Tiny room or huge space? 

How much space do you have available? Limited space or plenty of square meters? See which sofa beds fit.

Sleeping comfort

All Sofabeds are made for daily use and offer excellent sleeping comfort with Belgian-made spring mattresses. The mattresses of the High Comfort collection are 14 cm thick. Sofa beds from the Premium collection have a mattress of 18 cm thick. For the ultimate sleeping comfort, you should choose a model from the Prestige collection. These sofa beds have a 21 cm thick mattress.  

Rental market or guest room?

Is your apartment or second residence on AirBnB? Do you regularly have guests at home? Then it might be interesting to take a mattress with a removable cover, so that you can wash it on a regular basis. 

No hassle, no mess?

Then Sofabed is a good solution for you. Firstly, you do not have to remove the back cushions. These automatically disappear under the bed base when opened. In addition, there are a large number of sofa beds with extra storage space, so that you can neatly store your duvet.