Do you have a second home by the sea? Or a holiday home abroad that you rent out through Airbnb? Do you run a bed & breakfast? Sofabed has sofa beds that are ideal for the rental market. Find out why here!

Extra return on your investment through higher rental income

A sofa bed allows you to create extra sleeping space in the living room of your second home. This allows you to increase the rental capacity by 2 people and thus generate more rental income. Sofabed has sofa beds in different styles and sizes. From very compact over a two-seater with a longchair to a large u-shaped corner arrangement. Everything is possible. The big advantage of Sofabed sofa beds is that the seating comfort is separate from the sleeping comfort. You do not sleep on the seat and back cushion of your sofa, but on a fully-fledged Belgian-made mattress. So you have a beautiful comfortable sofa with great seating comfort and a bed with slatted frames or metal grid that is not inferior to a classic cot or box spring in terms of comfort. And all this in one smart solution that changes effortlessly from sitting to sleeping. 

Removable cover

Most people who have a second home go there regularly, of course, but often also rent it out to friends, family or strangers. Hygiene obviously plays a major role. With the sofa beds of the Premium Collection you can opt for a removable cover that you can wash. In addition, the cover is treated with PUREST, a fiber coating that has a micro-inhibiting, moisture-regulating and anti-allergy effect.

Comfort and convenience 

With one simple pull, a Sofabed folds open without having to remove the pillows. The single mattress (80 wide) or double mattress (140 cm or 160 cm wide) that emerges is of high-quality and made in Belgium. So you don't sleep on the cushions of your sofa or on a thin foam mattress, but on a full-fledged mattress with springs and a comfort layer. Comfort and quality assured.

The Sofabed models are divided into 3 collections: High Comfort (mattress thickness of 14 cm), Premium (mattress thickness of 18 cm) and Prestige (mattress thickness of 21 cm).

No hassle, no mess

With Sofabed you do not have to remove the back and seat cushions from the sofa. These automatically disappear under the bed base when opened. In addition, there are a large number of sofa beds with extra storage space, so that you can also store your bedding neatly.