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Your sofa bed in fabric or leather?


It is decided, you are going for a sofa bed from Sofabed. Smart choice! Now it's time to take the plunge: fabric or leather.
Both materials have advantages and disadvantages, we are happy to help you make the right choice.

Fabric: sturdy and easy to maintain


Friction resistance, stain resistance and color fastness are extensively tested. If you have children or pets, choose a washable fabric. It offers an extra protective layer and ensures that you can easily wipe stubborn stains clean again.

Advantages of a fabric sofa bed

  • Warm, cosy look
  • Easy to maintain if you choose washable materials (AquaClean, Easycare or H2o)
  • Extensively tested for quality and durability
  • Extensive range of fabrics and colors
AquaClean, Easycare or H2oh!


A glass of red wine, a cup of coffee, sticky children's hands, ... A nightmare if you have a fabric seat. But not if you opt for stain-resistant fabrics, such as Aquaclean, Easycare or H2o. These fabrics are treated with a special permanent molecular protective layer, which prevents dirt from entering the fibers of your sofa bed. With a little bit of water and a cloth you can remove the stains in no time.

These fabrics are ideal for families with children, but also for the rental market. Are you renting out an apartment or second home? Is your holiday home on Airbnb? Then a maintenance-friendly sofa bed is a perfect solution.

Leather: long lasting finesse


Modern, classic or rather rural? Leather fits into any interior and looks luxurious. Leather is a natural product. At Sofabed you can choose between three types of leather: Namibo, Samoa and Mammut.

The benefits of leather

  • Leather does not hold onto bad odors and animal hair is easily removed
  • Leather lasts a long time and becomes more beautiful over time. It is resistant to cracks.
  • Leather is easy to maintain. The leathers that Sofabed uses have a protective layer and are therefore resistant to dirt, moisture and aging
  • Choice of three types of leather and a range of colors

Please note, leather requires a little more maintenance than fabric

Three types of leather


At Sofabed you can choose between three types of leather: Namibo, Samoa and Mammut. Each leather is available in a range of beautiful colours. Below you will find more information about each type. Go to a Sofabed distributor to discover the materials.

  • Namibo (5 year warranty) is a supple semi-aniline leather from 1.2 to 1.4 mm thick with a soft touch. It is created by protecting the aniline leather with an innovative transparent finish. This makes the material less sensitive to stains and discolouration, but at the same time reveals its natural characteristics. As a result, Namibo radiates pure luxury and you can be sure that you are dealing with a real natural product.


  • Samoa (5 year warranty) is a corrected and topcoated (covered) leather with a thickness of 1.3 to 1.5 mm. Compared to semi-aniline, this type of leather is less subject to external influences. It has a pigmented, non-transparent finish, which makes the natural characteristics in the skin less noticeable. This protective layer offers extra protection, making this type of leather very practical to use. The natural characteristics of the leather are slightly less clear because a print is used to give the leather the same look everywhere.


  • Just like Samoa is Mammut leather (2 year warranty) corrected and covered (= covered). However, it is less thick (1.1 to 1.3 mm), making it cheaper. Mammut leather comes with a 2-year warranty.