Brel two-seater


A Sofabed of the highest level. In the classy Brel you not only enjoy ultimate seating comfort, the model also offers exceptional sleeping comfort for daily use.


Luxury mattress for ultimate sleeping comfort

The sofa beds from the Prestige Comfort collection combine ultimate seating comfort with exceptional sleeping comfort. The pocket spring mattress of 21 cm thick guarantees an excellent night's sleep, thanks to its optimal support and ventilating properties.


  • Thickness: 21 cm
  • Width: 140 or 160 cm (depending on model)
  • Length: 198 cm


The core of this mattress is made up of specially developed and patented Recoil® pocket springs and the comfort layer is made of high-quality Talalay latex. The sofa beds are also of the highest level in terms of seating comfort. The seat cushions are made of Pantera foam.

Recoil® Pocket springs

The pocket springs of Recor Bedding are not just springs, but Recoil® springs. What is the difference? First, the shape. The Recoil® is barrel shaped and maintains the same performance under any angular load: powerful, proportional and lasting hypertension or rebound force. The Recoil® pocket springs contain 25% more steel and more windings than a classic spring. Each of these springs is individually packed in noiseless pouches.

Not only do they contribute to maximum support during sleep, they also provide accompanying thrust during sleep movement. This makes it easier to turn. An additional advantage: they prevent indentation.


Comfort layer of Talalay latex

The open cell structure of Talalay has a ventilating effect, so that the body heat is not stored, but conducted away and moisture evaporates more quickly. Talalay has the best comfort, moisture and heat regulation capabilities. Moreover, it is also bacteria-resistant, hygienic and anti-allergic.

Cover of luxurious double cloth

The cover of this luxurious mattress is made of high-quality double cloth with a very soft touch.


Seating comfort thanks to Pantera foam

Pantera is known for reducing the pressure on the body and is very resilient. Pantera foam has a 7-year guarantee



  • Switch between sitting and sleeping in an instant without having to remove back or seat cushions
  • Modern anthracite-colored mechanism
  • High-quality three-fold system with metal grid
  • Made in Italy
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2 seater with queen size mattress 140 198 193 90 99 / 217 46
2-seater with king-size mattress 160 198 213 90 99 / 217 46
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