[unero_section_title]A sofa and a bed, two items that take up a lot of space in your home. Why not a combination of the two? Discover the advantages of a sofa bed.[/unero_section_title]

Advantage 1: Multifunctional and space-saving

A sofa bed is multifunctional. It acts as a seat and folds out into a bed, ideal for situations where space is limited. With a sofa bed you can switch between sitting comfortably and sleeping well in no time. A much better alternative to the inflatable mattress, a camping bed or a regular sofa that is not designed for a good night's sleep. 

Some sofa beds also offer extra storage space. You can store cushions and blankets in the armrests or under the longchair. Tidy is neat!

Advantage 2: A wide variety of applications

A sofa bed is very useful for small spaces, apartments, guest rooms and student rooms. But there are also solutions for large spaces, such as the modular Dean sofa bed from Sofabed. Put together the desired arrangement yourself with the available elements. A compact one-seater, a two-seater longchair or a large corner unit. All Dean elements are available with or without sleep function. Dean can therefore be perfectly placed in your living room as a full-fledged sofa.

Advantage 3: Durability and comfort

With a sofa bed you don't have to compromise on comfort. The sofabed sofa beds have a fully-fledged Belgian-made mattress and offer the comfort of a normal bed. You do not sleep on the seat cushions of the sofa or on a thin foam mattress. 

Our sofa beds are made for everyday use. The mechanism is of high quality Belgian and Italian manufacture. 

Advantage 4: An addition to your interior

Sofa beds are made to look like normal sofas. At Sofabed you can choose from more than 20 models, something for everyone. Many of these models are available in different configurations, such as a one-seater, two-seater, two-seater longchair or corner setup. You can also choose from an extensive range of finishing materials: 3 types of leathers and a wide range of fabrics, including special maintenance-friendly fabrics such as Aquaclean, EasyCare and H2o.

Choose the model, material and color that match your interior. 

Advantage 5: handy and easy

A big advantage of the Sofabed sofa beds is that you do not have to remove the seat cushions. When you pull the loop to open the sofa bed, the mattress will appear and the seat cushions will disappear under the bed. This way, everything stays neatly organized and you can switch between sitting and sleeping in a few seconds.

Our sofa beds have an optional trolley system. This allows you to move the Sofabed effortlessly.

The mattresses of the Premium collection from Sofabed have an optional removable cover. This is very interesting if you have a rental apartment or holiday home.